While in some in countries annual meetings are held with researchers in education from very different disciplines, here the division into areas of knowledge has hindered the needed quality to contribute to improving education, to realizing the right to education of all the girls and boys.

That is the same kind of quality that is required to make our educational research an important International scientific reference. There are many of us who have participated, for example, in AERA meetings in North America, and we have seen how authors, some of them cited here in our different areas of knowledge, participate there in the same congress and on an equal footing with students.

The precarious faculty of universities that are in an unstable situation (and, in general, the faculty that wants to improve scientifically) need this kind of meetings to encourage their participation in scientific research and indexed publications. Their need is greater and more urgent that that of that part of the stable faculty accostumed to the previous dynamics. We also have professors and some of them do not need these merits anymore, but who, instead of seeking our submission, want to unselfishly help those of us who are younger.

Our society, girls and boys, families, teachers, citizens in general need and deserve quality educational research that has as its màximum goal the improvement of education in all senses of the word. After many years of thinking about it and commenting on it, the time has come to start the annual congresses of a multidisciplinary research, that is, both of the different disciplines and of interdisciplinary works.