AMIE Ethical principles


Professional competence

Maintenance of the highest levels of excellence in the research work.

Recognition of professional and academic limitations, as well as the need for ongoing training.

Joint and collaborative professional work aimed at the benefit of students, team members and people targeted by the research.

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The research activity must be honest, fair and respectful with all people.

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Professional, scientific and academic responsibility

Adhesion to the highest scientific and professional standards.

Acceptance of the responsibility of the research work.

Commitment to the public trust deposited in the investigation.

Respect for all the members of the scientific community, regardless of the diversity of theoretical, methodological or personal approaches.

Shared ethical responsibility.

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Respect for rights, dignity and diversity

Defense of the diversity of values, attitudes and opinions.

Respect for the rights, dignity and value of all people.

Sensitivity for cultural and individual differences, and recognition of the role of education in the service to diverse groups.

Elimination of prejudices in professional activity.

Zero tolerance against any form of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, culture, age, nationality, disability, health conditions, etc. AMIE declares that its members and attendants in its congresses are against sexual harassment, re-victimization, and Isolating Gender Violence.

Explicit recognition of the rights of all people.

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Social responsibility and usefulness

Recognition of professional and scientific responsibility in relation to the communities in which the research teams live and perform their professional function.

Efforts to advance scientific and academic knowledge and to serve the common good.