Procedures and Guarantees Commission

Procedures and Guarantees Commission belonging to Multidisciplinar Association of Educative Research (AMIE) has the mission of guaranteeing equity and transparency in the evaluation and selection of proposals presented at the association’s Conference whenever an author opens a dispute or a disagreement regarding the anonymous revisions’ evaluations.

In case that the author/s would consider that his/her proposal would has been evaluated negatively due to gender, ethnic or any social reason, due to an academic or methodological bias, or due to any other reason, he or she can write to this Procedures and Guarantees Commission reasonably explaining the reasons leading to disagree with the assessment of any or all of the reviewers.

It should be clear that the goals of this Commission are not to evaluate in deep the arguments been given for or against of the proposal, because its goal it is not doing a second review, but to provide equity and transparency guarantees on how the selection process have been done.

Procedures and Guarantees Commission


Aitor Gómez González, Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Harkaitz Zubiri Esnaola, Universidad del País Vasco/ Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea

Laura Ruiz Eugenio, Universitat de Barcelona

Zero Violence Commission

The Violence 0 Commission of the Multidisciplinary Association of Educational Research (AMIE) aims to ensure that all processes of organization and development of the Multidisciplinary International Congress of Educational Research (CIMIE) are free of violence, committing to act to stop any type of manifestation , gesture, procedure or treatment that implies harassment, coercion, intimidation, intimidation, contempt or any other form of physical, verbal or symbolic aggression.

It will therefore cover all persons who, within the framework of the organization and development of the Congress, denounce or feel themselves victims of any type of violence, including, of course, gender-based violence -especially invisible in the academic environment- .

This commission makes available to all participants the following email address: so that they can file their complaint of situations or actions that they consider to involve latent or overt violence and of which they feel victims or witnesses .

The Violence Commission 0 will act from the scrupulous respect to the presumption of innocence and the anonymity of the victims and denouncers avoiding a priori judgments and hasty statements that may contaminate the investigation / verification and action process initiated.

Zero violence Commission


Rosa Valls, Universitat de Barcelona

Oriol Ríos, Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Marifa Salceda, Universidad de Cantabria