Responsibles criteria

It is necessary that every responsible person is registered to the congress as a member of AMIE and is aware of the annual payment of the AMIE fee. You must know the rules of presentation of papers established in the congress:

Responsibles tasks

Dissemination of the congress to encourage papers in the areas / topics for which they are responsible.
Tasks grouped by blocks:

Papers: (in the time established from the organization)

  1. Evaluate, with a peer review process, anonymous (double blind) papers received in the established time. Once evaluated, they must report the result to the authors of the papers and to the congress coordination: The calendar established from coordination must be fulfilled.
  2. The evaluation of papers can be:
    a) Accepted without changes.
    b) Pending changes (the authors must return it with the established changes and the same reviewers who required changes, have to review and evaluate if they have been added and of sufficient quality to accept or reject the communication).
    c) Not accepted.
  3. Send the list of papers evaluators to:
  4. In situations where the double blind evaluation does not help the decision of whether a communication is accepted or not (for example, that the scores of the two evaluations are very different) a third blind evaluator will be incorporated.
  5. They must inform the people who present the communication of the day and time in which they exhibit.
  6. The sessions of areas and topics have length 1 hour and 30 minutes. The time must be distributed according to the communications in the session (8-10 minutes per communication) so that the maximum time for the debate of the presentations is prioritized. The sessions have a maximum of 4 communications (5 exceptionally). They must establish the appropriate time for the presentation of the communications and inform the people who present the communications. As an orientation, the participants should be informed that the contribution of the communication should be biref and not all the communication.
    All accepted communications will be presented in online format, therefore, it is recommended that a maximum of two of the authors present the study presented live. Inform that they will be able to share a screen with the material they have prepared for the presentation (power point, prezi, …)


  1. The organization of the session panel is optional but its organization is encouraged.
  2. Each panel will consist of three speakers with an outstanding academic and research career in the area or subject where it is located.
  3. No speakers or displacements, allowances or payment for their participation in the panel will be paid.
  4. Registration to the congress is free for the speakers (but it is necessary to do it and mark the corresponding option in the application). We leave open the possibility for a speaker to voluntarily pay the registration.
  5. The duration of his presentation will be 15-20 minutes and the person in charge of the area or subject must ensure that it is fulfilled.
  6. Speakers should be informed of what topics they want to deal with and the duration that this paper should have.
  7. The panel proposal with a photo and a brief panelist curriculum should be sent, as of March 1 of the corresponding year of the congress.
  8. It is recommended that a common theme be proposed for the panel of the area or topic and that the title be reported to the coordination.

Assembly of the area or subject

  1. Coordinate the assembly of your area/topic that will take place during the congress. Its implementation is mandatory.
  2. Inform, at the latest one week after the assembly, about the next people in charge of the area or subject to coordination. It is essential that people who want to be responsible are during the assembly and are chosen there.
  3. Those responsible for an area or subject should be linked to the university and as far as possible they belong to different universities. We remind you that it is a university congress, this does not prevent the participation of people who are not linked to the university, but that both responsible and the orientation of the congress itself must be research oriented.
  4. A responsible person may be responsible for the same area/subject for four years, without the need for consecutive years, and renewing the position annually at the area/subject assembly.

Area dinners' organization (only in the case of area managers)

The organization of an area dinner is encouraged on Thursday night of the congress so that there can be a meeting and debate space beyond the congress schedule.

Latest considerations

Those people who during the course of the preparation and development of the congress cannot perform the established tasks, may request a change of responsible persons to assume those tasks.

Those responsible for the following year will be chosen in the assembly established for this and should know the criteria to follow. If no one is chosen, the proposals and voting will be done through the AMIE forum.

In the event that a person in charge of the area or subject cannot attend the days of the congress, he should look for a person to replace him.