Virtual Assembly



The assembly is the space of the virtual permanent assembly of AMIE members, as stated in our statute. Anyone can view the discussions and contributions made in our assembly. In order to participate you must have registered as a member.

All proposals receiving no disagreement within 24 hours will be approved provisionally and, when applies, will be published in the web. Of course, after these 24 hours it will also be possible to discuss the proposal and, if there is some ammendement, it will be corrected in the website.

As in the Plaza Catalunya, agreements will be reached by consensus. Only in extreme cases where consensus is not possible the decisions will be voted.

In the event that any person prefers his comment to be signed with a pseudonym, he or she can register his or her user with that name.

The forums of the different AMIE commisions are also available in the same space and will be used as the channels of communication and organization of the association.

You can address any questions to the following email:

AMIE assembly forum and commissions