Bernart Balza Arana

Bernart Balza Arana, was born in Bilbao 60 years ago and in Bilbao where he does his professional work. His training moves between two major themes, on the one hand philosophy and religion (a degree in Philosophy and Theology from the University of Deusto, a master’s degree in interreligious dialogue by the UNED or studies of Islamic culture and religion and Jewish mysticism also by the UNED) and on the other hand, the training derived from their work (Economics by the UNED, Social Education by the School of Educators of Barcelona, solar energy project installer). Because their work is the social commitment, in its different aspects: responsible for youth of the San Francisco de Bilbao neighborhood, coordinator of the Agiantza association (desire in Spanish) (from the ecumenical work impulse of shelters, workshops, insertion projects, support for women…), director of Fundación Sozial Fondoa (support for people in need) and founding member of Balenharri (first stone) (work in favor of justice, peace and love for creation for the empowerment of people who have difficulties in accessing the world of work, housing, health, etc.). He has also worked and continues to work as a teacher with different training centers in Bilbao. Man full and committed, aware of your dream and tireless seeker of it, freed from structures but taking advantage of them to support the most needy people. With them he lives, learns, grows and dreams. If you had to summarize your life you could say: God’s dream for all people abandoned by man.