Working criteria

AMIE working criteria

Decision making: AMIE decisions are the result of the dialogue between the members of the different commissions. Each commission shall circulate the proposals among its members and, once presented, these proposals can be discussed and changed within 24 hours. After this period, the proposals will be approved. However, any decision will be reviewed at the time that a member of AMIE considers it necessary.

Transparency:all commissions are open (any member of AMIE can participate) and public (the commissions are published on the website). Moreover, from this page you can access the names of the members of each commission.

Horizontality: all commissions have the same capacity for decision and action. The decisions made in each commission and affecting the work of the other commissions will be communicated to the manager of the corresponding commission. There is a coordinating commission that can facilitate work in this regard.

Pluralism: in the same way as the Association, commissions should be plural and heterogeneous, consisting of people from different cultures, ideologies, beliefs or backgrounds.

Dynamism: the fact that decisions are the result of discussion and consensus building does not imply slow or bureaucratized processes. The fact that we are runned in an horizontally and democratic way does not make us less effective but it makes us much more so.

Dissemination: the information should be accessible to as many people as possible. Sharing, tweeting, posting or sending information about AMIE is essential for the grow of our project.

Positive and inclusive language: dialogue allow us to relate and work with enthusiasm and efficiency so we must use a positive language and that includes us all.

AMIE Virtual Assembly

Permanent Assembly of the AMIE Association members, where proposals, lines and actions to perform are discussed and agreements are taken.