Shirley R. Steinberg

Shirley R. Steinberg is a Research Professor of Critical Youth Studies at the University of Calgary. She is the author and editor of many books in critical pedagogy and cultures, urban and youth culture, critical qualitative research, and cultural studies. A regular contributor to CBC Radio One, CTV, The Toronto Globe and Mail, The Montreal Gazette, and Canadian Press, she is an internationally known speaker and teacher. She is the organizer of International Institute of Critical Pedagogy and Transformative Leadership, and is committed to a global community of transformative educators and community workers engaged in radical love, social justice, and the situating of power within social and cultural contexts. Her latest books are Activists Under 30: Global Youth, Social Justice, Teaching Against Islamophobia, and The Miseducation and the West: How Schools and the Media Distort Out Understanding of the Islamic World. Her work is currently focused on issues of Islamophobia, Empowerment of Youth and Women, and Authentic Community Engagement, and Engaging Newcomers.