M.Angels Balsells Bailon

M.Angels Balsells Bailon is a Full Professor of Education in the Department of Education, Psychology and Social Work at the University of Lleida. She is the Director of the Chair
Adolescent and Education and she’s lead researcher for the University of Lleida in the Research Group on Socio-Educational Interventions in Childhood and Youth (GRISIJ)—a project by the AGAUR, with joint participation by the University of Barcelona and the University of Lleida—as well as co-director of the Promotion and Protection of Children and Adolescents programme.
Her research activity is focused on adolescence, childhood and the family in situations of social risk and vulnerability. She has extensive research experience in identifying educational and social needs through processes of research and participatory action and in designing methodological proposals for socio-educational action, both in educational social services and in child protection.
She has made particularly relevant contributions to knowledge and innovation in socio-educational practices of working on parenting skills and involving adolescents in the system of protection for children and youth.
In this area, she leads the research project coordinated by the National Plan of the Ministry of Science and Innovation “Family Reunification as a Challenge for the Child Protection System: Research, Assessment and Implementation of a Socio-Educational Programme” (link to project), with researchers from the University of Lleida, the University of Barcelona, Rovira i Virgili University in Tarragona, the University of Padua, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi and the Rees Chair Research on Fostering and Education at the University of Oxford. She also participates with the research team of the Erasmus+ Project Erasmus+ Project GIFT – GEFA Grow In Family Today – Grandir en Famille Aujourd’hui.