Fidel Molina-Luque

Fidel Molina-Luque is a professor of Sociology at the University of Lleida. Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences (1998-2001 y 2001-2004). Head of the Institute on Educational Sciences – Continuing Educational Centre (ICE-CFC, 2011-2015). Director of the Research Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, INDEST (Institute of Social and Territorial Development, 2016 to present). President of the Catalan Association of Sociology (ACS, 2015-2017) and member of the Spanish Federation of Sociology (FES). He has published several articles, books and book chapters on Sociology of Education and Intercultural Education, Intergenerational Relations, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Leisure and Sports, Leadership, Human Resources Management and Training. Initiator and coordinator of the Research Group GESEC (Group on Society Studies, Health, Education and Culture) and of the RINEIB (International Network of Research on Intercultural Education and Bilingual Intercultural Education). Initiator and Main Researcher at the “Mediation and Conflict Resolution Lab”. Guest at FRA (Fonamental Rights Agency) of the EU as consultant on Research Methodology (Participative Research-Action) for a project on the inclusion of gypsy people in Europe (Vienna, May 3rd May 2012).
He has received the Mention of Excellence in Teaching Quality twice (according to AQU parameters, Agency of University Quality, 2008 and 2013), and the award (collective) “Grundtvig Award 2005” to the best European Project on Adult Education (“Telling Europe”) and the award (collective) to the project TOY (“Together Old and Young”, coordinated by Dra. Margaret Kernan, ICDI, The Netherlands) for the “Lifelong Learning Platform, Brussels” (October 2016) in recognition of its creativity, inclusivity and innovation in Adult Education (Active Aging, Education throughout life).