The World Education Research Association (WERA) came into being on April 18, 2009. WERA is an association of national, regional, and international specialty research associations. Its express aim is to further education research as a scientific and scholarly field.

Result of work done previously, and its commitment to educational research of the highest scientific level, the Multidisciplinary Association for Educational Research is part of the Education Research Association des Word 2014.

The basis of this partnership offers new possibilities of internationalization, through disseminate and publicize scientific research to respond to global educational challenges. AMIE-WERA thus helps to encourage the promotion of young researchers who develop research conducted with rigorous social impact whose practical implementation will improve the quality of education for everyone.
This space, international point of contact between research people education, inform WERA activities and the possibility to participate. In addition, we will introduce international educational research as well as various means to achieve them. In AMIE-WERA we can be a reference to international scientific evidence in education.

Those you who are interested in more information on the activities of AMIE-WERA can contact through amie.contacto@gmail.com

Each year, WERA holds a Focal Meeting in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of a WERA member association.
The World Education Research Association (WERA) 2016 Focal Meeting was held in Washington, DC April 8 to 12. Previous WERA Focal Meetings were held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (November 2010); Kaohsiung, Taiwan (December 2011); Sydney, Australia (December 2012); Guanajuato, Mexico (November 2013); Edinburgh, Scotland (2014) and Budapest, Hungary (September 2015).