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  • CIMIE 2017 in evaluation of received communications

    Once the deadline for submission of communications has ended, the data show us once more the great success of CIMIE 2017 call. We have received 338 communications that are currently being evaluated. We count with a total of 728 authors from 114 different universities and 20 countries. We congratulate you again for your contributions, work…

  • Accommodation CIMIE17

    In order to guarantee the accommodation, it is advisable to make the reservation well in advance as, during the dates of CIMIE17, there will be high hotel occupancy in Bilbao, coinciding in the city with several events of great magnitude.

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Scientific Committee

Antonio Bolívar

Universidad de Granada.

Marta Civil

University of North Carolina.

Jim Crowther

University of Edinburgh.

Norman Denzin

Universtiy of Illinois.

Ángel Pío González

Universitat Rovira i Virgili.

Linda Hargreaves

University of Cambridge.

Donaldo Macedo

University of Massachusetts.

Barbara Merrill

University of Warwick

CIMIE Ethical Principles


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CIMIE es el congreso anual organizado por AMIE (Asociación Multidisciplinar de Investigación Educativa).

El congreso se organiza en dos jornadas intensivas de duración. El primer día se organiza en base a las disciplinas y/o áreas. El segundo día se organiza en temas abordados interdisciplinariamente.


AMIE es socia de la WERA (World educational research association)


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